Teeing off for a good cause

Another important project, said Gregory, is The Dictionary Project where dictionaries are given to third graders and thesauruses are handed out to fifth graders in Scotia-Glenville Central School District. Also, the club helps the needy, such as donating to regional food banks.

"I think that what we do is important and I want to be there to support the club," Gregory said regarding her desire to be president of the club.

Support for the club was definitely felt as the golf cart engines began and players spread out in all directions like busy worker bees protecting a hive.

"It is enjoyable and people love it," said Phillips. "A lot of Rotarians happen to be golfers, so it is something people can get out and have fun. People are willing to pay a little bit of a premium for fundraising golf tournaments, so their going to pay a little extra, which means that we can keep some of the revenues for our projects."

Hitchcock said members from other local Rotary clubs came out to the tournament to show their support and the being involved in the Rotary is taking part in a fellowship.

"I wouldn't say we all know each other, but it's as if we do it is like we're old buds," said Hitchcock. "I've gotten more out of Rotary then I ever thought when I joined. It just snowballed and I get more and more involved in stuff and take more and more responsibilities because I love it."

The Glenville Rotary Club has meetings in the Turf Tavern, located in Scotia, at 7:15 a.m. every Friday.""

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