Redlich says NYSERDA would be first to go

Redlich, in an e-mail, stated NYSERDA "has a stunning payroll filled with do-nothing job titles."

Gordon responded in a prepared statement saying, "While Mr. Redlich may not understand NYSERDA's operations or New York state's critical energy needs, certainly the thousands of business owners that have benefited from NYSERDA programs understand the need to consume energy more prudently, and all New Yorkers understand the need to protect our environment for future generations. We invite Mr. Redlich to learn more about NYSERDA and the important work we're doing to improve both New York's economy and environment."

Out of NYSERDA's 2009 payroll there are 37 senior project managers, 40 project managers, 19 associate project managers, 25 assistant project managers, 24 project coordinators, 5 assistant project coordinators, 23 program managers and 14 directors amount to 187 employees or about 65 percent out of the total, according to SeeThruNY.net .

"Maybe it is just job title inflation. I don't know how they are going to explain having that many people in those job titles," said Redlich.

Gordon said the company mostly works on projects with other companies, so the amount of manager-related titles accounts for this purpose.

The pay rate for these employees also must be competitive with the current job market, said Gordon, because these aren't entry-level positions. Gordon said their title series is comparable in pay to the civil service system's rates, along with their title structure and responsibility.

"These people have significant opportunities in the private sector as well," said Gordon. "You really need people who are at equal levels to speak their language and work with them in a collaborative fashion."

A third of NYSERDA's employees have master's degrees, said Gordon, which is typically held in technical or specialized fields. The agency also deals with around 4,500 contracts annually totaling $450 million.

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