Film Feasts on Area's Ambiance

One of the people who had praise for the film was Larry Jackson, who happened to be a lead executive on "Mystic Pizza." Camoin met Jackson pretty much by chance when Camoin went out to western Massachusetts to check out the vibrant film scene out there. Jackson was giving a talk, and when Camoin realized he was involved with "Mystic Pizza," he made sure to grab a few minutes with him.

Jackson is now a consultant on "Grazing Miss Albany," and Camoin hopes that's not the only thing the film will have in common with "Mystic Pizza," a film he studied while developing his business plan at the RPI incubator.

He wants the movie to project an image of Albany that will make people want to come here, just as "Mystic Pizza" did for Mystic.

"Albany just oozes with such negative drama that's stranger than fiction," Camoin said. "That's a multi-million dollar problem for businesses that want to attract workers here."

While other major movies have been filmed in the city recently, most notably "Salt" and "The Other Guys," those films didn't spotlight Albany, instead passing it off as another city, Camoin said. His plan is to showcase Albany and hopefully stem the brain drain that goes on.

"I know a lot of talented people who have left the area because there's not paid work for them," he said.

With any luck, the movie will provide some paid work in addition to enhancing Albany's image, he said.

"It's a whole snowball factor," Camoin said.

What he's looking for, Camoin said, is "one prominent businessman to step up and put people to work." Anyone interested in the movie, whether as a fan or an investor, can visit www.grazingmissalbany.com or the film's page on Facebook.


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