VLTs make progress

Adams said when he took over the racing and wagering committee a year ago, he was going to make it his mission to get out of a meeting room and see what was really going on with the racing industry and communities it impacts.

"I did not want to sit in the sterilized environment of the sentate chamber and attempt to interpret the fate of New Yorkers; I wanted to find out what is going on. I wanted to surround myself with people that understand the industry and what do we need to do to turn the corner of this industry," said Adams. "New York must be put back to being employed we are one state, New York, not divided by boundaries or locations or rivers or roads. If Saratoga hurts, Brooklyn hurts. Nothing is representative of that more than the racing industry. The nightmareish reality that there might not be racing in Saratoga cannot happen."

Yepsen said she is encouraged by this step but cautions there is still work to be done.

"We're not done yet. We have a long way to go before we can feel like we have a longterm comprehensive business model that's going to work in this state. I'm looking forward to championing this issue in the future and to make sure we keep our industry and community involved; we can implement and plan and we can rebuild this industry," said Yepsen. "This state could be the best racing in this country and in this world. I look forward to a brighter future."


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