Teen organizes benefit for juvenile diabetes research

"I just always felt a strong draw to the JDRF, and I never knew why," she said. "But then when Cody was diagnosed at 5, I realized why I had a strong commitment to the JDRF."

She credits her son with being very responsible and mature, as a result of having to deal with being diagnosed with juvenile diabetes, but she said she was a bit hesitant when Cody first proposed the idea of holding a fundraiser.

"I'll be honest, when he said he was going to do it I said, 'Uhhh, OK.' He's a teenager, we'll see what happens," she said. "We were a little bit nervous, but he's blown me away. He's walked up and down Central [Avenue] to get donations. He got the band. I drove him around, but he talked to all the managers [of the stores]. He's done a really amazing job."

Cody said the biggest objective was to advertise the event as much as possible in order to get the word out. He went around to local publications and radio stations in order to promote the fundraiser.

"We had to advertise like crazy," he said. "We tried to contact radio stations to get it advertised. My uncle owns Martel's Restaurant at OTB, and he owns the OTB, so we got advertisement there."

Even though organizing this fundraiser took up a lot of time, with only a half hour into the event, he already knew it was time well spent.

"A lot of the days I would rather have been hanging out with friends," he said. "But I think now, we already have a good turnout, it feels really rewarding."


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