Sidewalk primed for shoppers

"[The sidewalk sale] brings people out and gives people some bargains," said Bernstein. "Union Street is such a hidden jewel, people forget how good it is."

Bernstein said he would be up to having a sidewalk sale once a week, so customers can know to expect it like the weekly famers market. He even said it would be fun to do in the winter.

"If it is deemed successful, then we will try to have one a month during the nice weather," said Joanne DeVoe, spokeswoman for Upper Union Street BID.

Across the street from Simon's is an old-style sports card shop with customer service as a focus.

"I still like to be old fashioned and do customer service," said Alex Itskov, owner of Al's House of Sportscards. "I enjoy meeting people and working for myself some of my best customers are kids, and they have a blast."

Itskov had some comic books and other miscellaneous items placed out front, but inside his store, there was sport cards ranging from Derek Jeter to Mickey Mantle and everything in between. Although it is a tough business, he said, he keeps doing it because it is what he enjoys.

Union Aquarium might owner Paul Sartoris stood out front during the sidewalk sale, and like other storeowners in the area, he said he enjoys being on Union Street. Inside the store is a large selection of freshwater fish, and in the basement there is a substantial selection of the saltwater variety.

"It is one of the few areas in the city where places are looking better all the time," said Sartoris. "When you look around, we're not doing all that badly."

Some storeowners, including Sartoris, said the Sidewalk Sale didn't have as good a turnout as desired. But the solution seems the same for most storeowners " regularity.

"I think the big thing is if we have it as a regular thing, it will work out better," said Sartoris.""

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