Rotterdam Town board members rescind vote, passing retirement incentive

Everyone thought Rotterdam's retirement incentive debate was over, but it might have just begun.

During a Rotterdam Town Board special meeting tonight, Aug. 31, three Town Board members rescinded the previous special meeting vote on Thursday, Aug. 19, denying the board the option to use Part A of the 2010 Retirement Incentive offered by the state. In addition, a new section was added to the resolution, which was not made available to the public till the night of the meeting.

Deputy Supervisor Robert Godlewski and board member Matthew Martin joined Del Gallo during the special meeting, but fellow members Nicola DiLeva and Gerard Parisi weren't in attendance. Del Gallo and Godlewski both voted yes previously, but Martin switched his stance and supported the resolution.

Town Supervisor Francis Del Gallo e-mailed board members and the media around 3 p.m. on Monday, Aug. 30, announcing a special meeting to be held on the following day at 6 p.m. In the original agenda only resolution 238.10 was listed, calling for the adoption of the previously discussed retirement incentive.

New York State Town Law in Section 62 states, The supervisor of any town may, and upon written request of two members of the board shall within ten days, call a special meeting of the town board by giving at least two days notice in writing to members of the board of the time when and the place where the meeting is to be held.

"I think legally they may have an issue with the resolution if somebody bothers to challenge it," said Parisi after the vote. "If the residents did, I think they might be able to overturn the resolution."

DiLeva echoed Parisi statement and said, "We see the agenda and the last resolution they had last night is completely different than the one the gave to us today. I say shame on them It is not transparent and not the way you run town government."

DiLeva and Parisi said confirmed they did not receive written notice two days in advance. Also, when a resolution is significantly changed another public hearing would need to be held.

Section 3 of the new resolution no. 239.10 added that a list of all targeted employees must be approved by a majority of the board before filing the tentative budget.

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