Nisky chicks ruffle town's feathers

A heat lamp stays on all night now cause of the colder weather, but it is located inside the walled coop.

"If you have never watched chickens they are hilarious," said Brenda. "They have so much personality to them. All of ours have names and they loved to be petted."

The chicken coop is fenced in with chicken wire and Brenda said she built the actual coop from scrap wood pieces around their home when they moved in, which belonged to John's brother and before that their father before he passed away.

Also, the property used to be a mess, said LeMena, so she welcomed Brenda and John moving in to the property. John said his brother just used the house to store things and repairs were desperately needed on the house. LeMena questioned why the town never sought any violations before when the property was in disarray.

They both said neighbors have only said positive things to them about their chickens. Children from nearby families will come and play with them, they said.

"Brenda cleans the area at least once a week so that the smell never becomes a problem," said John.

Brenda contends they have not been found in violation of anything, because there is nothing in the town code saying chickens can't be kept as pets in their residential area.

"It is another thing to be a bully," said Brenda about the town pursing their violation and bring them to court again.

Town Attorney Peter Scagnelli has been involved with the case and said he is aware of The Helm's agreement for keeping the chickens, but he doesn't agree with their reasoning.

"By using the chickens they are essentially using the property for farming purposes and that is not permitted in their zone and secondly the chicken coop is an accessory structure," said Scagnelli.

He said he wouldn't discuss anything specific on the case, because the town will be formally responding to the motion of dismissal by Dec. 8.""

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