Tune in to gov't, for a price

Time Warner can legally pass the charges onto customers, which will customers in the Town paying a "rough estimate" of 5 cents more every month for the next 10 years, said MacFarland.

The previous 10-year contract expired in 2004 and the town is hoping to gain additional sources of revenue that were not included in the previous contract and address the lack of board meeting coverage on television.

"Technologies have allowed for more revenues and those technologies were not written into the contract 10 years ago," said Supervisor Christopher Koetzle.

An additional $30,000 in revenue is estimated to be generated through the negotiated contract, said Koetzle. The previous contract didn't address revenue sources for the cable company such as "On Demand" paid movie rentals, Roadrunner broadband internet and DVR service to record programs.

"It is a more inclusive language to define what revenue is for Time Warner," said MacFarland. "It is really all forms of revenue that is allowed under FCC guidelines."

One drawback for some Time Warner customers in the town is the company will no longer offer a senior citizen discount for new cable subscribers, said Koetzle. Although current discounted subscribers will be allowed to keep their rate.

"We do have a senior discount, kind of a rarity among contracts these day," said James MacFarland, director of operations for Glenville, about the discount being cancelled. "That is a fairly strong position that Time Warner took in these negotiations."

When Open Stage Media took over SACTV and controlled public access television in Schenectady County. When the switch was made all three public access channels began to be used too, which are channel 16, 17, 18. Now channel 16 is for public access programming, channel 17 is used for government programming and channel 18 is used for educational programming. This change shut out Glenville residents from viewing Town Board and County Legislature meetings.

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