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Longtime Capital District anchor releases book

If you tuned in to the news on a regular basis during the past few decades, chances are you remember Ed Dague.

An instantly recognizable figure to longtime Capital District residents, Dague has seen many of the events of the 20th century, local and otherwise, from behind the news desk at channel 6 and later channel 13, and now he's releasing his first book looking back on his career, Six and Eleven, after the two newscasts he anchored and produced.

Dague took his leave of the anchor's chair due to a battle with chronic pain, one he still wages today. That made penning the book a challenge, sometimes forcing him off his medications to keep a clear head. He managed the task by treating it as an assignment.

"I had to push myself to write," Dague said. "When the pain is really bad you find it most affects is your concentration... I'm really kind of pleased with the book, but I wasn't when I was writing it."

But it is clear Dague wants to look beyond his health and even his own life. Though there is an autobiographical element to the book, "Six and Eleven" also contains Dague's thoughts on the television news business " past, present and future. Those looking for a tell all memoir will likely be disappointed.

"I don't really take on anybody, because I don't really have any anger," he said. "Part of what I wanted to do is a of a period of journalism that's now gone...television is never going to have that kind of impact again."

For Dague, it is obvious that with the advent of the Internet age the relevancy of the television newscast has diminished, no longer able to easily outdo other mediums when it comes to speed and image. But he's also candid about the importance of print media, and how the two can complement one another. With the newspaper business in a lurch, the ex-newsman worries for the future of journalism as a whole.

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