Tests are negative for radioactive contamination

Tom Brady, Assistant Director of Environmental Health for Albany County, who is supposed to be called if an incident such as this occurs, said he heard about the incident in the news as well.

"It was a big screw up," he said. "The chain of command, it was done right. I think both the embarrassment of DEC and DOH will correct who should be called even if it's redundant."

KAPL Spokesperson Anne LaRoche said the facility notified both DEC and DOH officials of the spill, and stated that they are not required by New York State regulations to notify the Latham Water District of the Albany County Department of Health.

DEC Region 4 Spokesperson Rick Georgeson said the department is changing its protocol and are instituting more redundancies to make sure a miscommunication like this one doesn't occur again.

"Any released we are aware of we will notify the [Albany County Health Department]," he said. "In this case, we will also notify, directly, the water districts."

LaRoche said KAPL is taking short term and long term actions to ensure a spill like this does not happen again.

For short term, KAPL will be implementing a 24 hour control panel that will monitor the sump pump operation while the electrical system is restructured so each pump is on a separate control circuit with automatic monitoring and warning systems installed. There will also be a backup pump and a 1,500 gallon water collection tank connected to the sump overflow pipe to collect the water

For long term, the Department of Energy's Environmental Management and its contractors will be shipping wastewater to offsite locations for treatment and disposal and are winterizing the Hillside Treatment System.

"In addition, [Department of Energy's Environmental Management] are instituting staffing changes and resource additions to improve management of the project," said LaRoche.


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