SPCA officers need a lift

County organization requesting donations to continue addressing animal cruelty

To help those whom cannot help themselves, a local volunteer organization hopes residents are in the giving spirit during its time of need.

The Schenectady County Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals strives to protect animals, but their aging squad car, which the Schenectady Police Department donated in 2008, is expected to see the end of the road soon. In preparation for the inevitable, the organization is asking residents to lend a helping hand to purchase the necessary transportation.

If we were not around then it would become the entirety and responsibility of local law enforcement, said Windy Wyczawski, spokeswoman for SC SPCA. "The benefit of us is at no cost to the taxpayer we are able to supplement those services. The law enforcement agencies that exist have a lot that is going on with them and they don't have the manpower or resources to really prioritize these types of cases."

The group is currently seeking $20,000 in funding to help purchase a new vehicle. Besides reaching out to residents, donations are being sought from businesses for around half of the desired amount. The group is strictly funded on donations, so purchasing a new car is a big, but important, purchase for them.

Wyczawski said the group does deal strictly with animal abuse cases, but there have been instances where the problem is really a much larger one.

"There are serious cases of animal abuse, for example such as dog fighting, that exist outside of those issues," said Wyczawski. "There has been a couple of cases lately that have both directly involved domestic violence where the perpetrator is harming the animal as a tactic to intimidate, control, or as a revenge tactic where the consequence is the individual choose to leave them."

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