Comp. Plan meeting takes a different turn

"This committee is not charged with making any recommendations to the zoning law," he said, adding that it is dealt with by the Planning and Economic Development Department.

Town Supervisor Paula Mahan soon stepped in to tell those who spoke that the town understands their concerns and that they have been hearing these complaints for a long time.

"The plan was put in place with the previous administration and the Planning Board is working on the zoning issues," she said. "It's a whole separate issue from the review of the Comprehensive Plan."

She emphasized that the committee is just in charge to review the plan and would not be creating another one. Mahan also added that while the 2005 plan originally required the committee to review it in 10 years, they are trying to be proactive and answer the incoming high-tech businesses coming to the area.

Hornick then began to go through a list of different actions the committee should be taking, ranking them with labels such as immediate, mid-term action, short term, on-going action or that the projects are complete.

Projects such as the restructuring of the Planning and Economic Development, preparing a town-wide economic development strategy and compiling and organizing the town's historic and cultural resource information would fall under the immediate action category.

Actions considered on-going include looking at ways to provide a wide variety of affordable housing, such as utilizing the Home Energy Assistance Program, for struggling resident and senior citizens.

Creating an Architecture Review Advisory Committee to ensure that new structures being built blend in with existing buildings in the area by refining existing design guidelines is listed as a project for short term action by the committee, meaning it would be done when appropriate or beneficial to the town.

One resident, Patrick Quinn, came out against the formation of the committee as he said the town does not have an "adequate set of design guidelines" and that it would not deserve the title of architectural review.

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