Tax District dead on arrival

Anyone who owned property in the town was eligible to vote and if and co-owners of a property were each allowed to vote. Also, corporations, partnerships, limited liability companies and estates were allowed one vote through a designated agent. Any person or entity that owned more than one property was only allowed to vote once.

It is currently unclear if Mohawk Ambulance would become the main ambulance service for the town, but Frank Salamone, attorney for REMS, said even without the tax district REMS has no plans to dissolve.

"We obviously thank everyone for the support we have gotten," said Salamone "We are still the ambulance provider in the Town of Rotterdam. We think that this was a vote about the economic times and not a vote on REMS. In these economic times asking people to raise their taxes is a difficult thing to do."

Salamone restated that the tax district funding would have been used for capital improvements such as replacing and repairing service equipment and ambulances.

When Salamone was asked how REMS would be funded he said he was not prepared to comment on the issue yet, but said there have been discussions and REMS believe they will be able to survive.

Tom Nardacci, spokesman for Mohawk Ambulance Service, said the vote has shown residents won't support additional taxing for a service that it can get from the company without taxes.

"The voters of Rotterdam sent a strong message tonight, that they do not want to be taxed for a service they can get for free," said Tom Nardcci, spokesman for Mohawk Ambulance Service, in a statement after the vote. "The proposal Mohawk Ambulance made to the Town would ensure that Rotterdam residents receive high quality and reliable ambulance service without a new tax.""

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