Comp. Plan Review meeting loses focus, again

Things did not go as planned for the second day in a row for the Comprehensive Plan Review Committee, as a meeting yesterday lost its direction when members from the public shifted the conversation towards rezoning instead of the task at hand.

The meeting followed a different format than the meeting on Dec. 13, where member of the committee and Town Councilman Dan Hornick went through each section of the assessments and allowed for public comment after each was read.

Building Department Director Mike Rosch took a different angle, where instead of going section by section and letting residents comment on each one, he read the vision statement and allowed for an open discussion.

While one resident, Gloria Knorr, tried to follow the previous night's format by only speaking on her thoughts of the vision statement, others started immediately on the issue of rezoning.

One of them was Victor Depoalo, a resident on the western end of town, who was irate over not being allowed to sell his piece of land as Industrial instead of its current zoning label of Single Family Housing.

This is pathetic, and I'll spend as much as I got to stop these people from doing what they're doing, he said. "I do have a problem with you telling me my property is nonconforming."

The committee itself, made up of residents in the business community and other areas, town board members and department heads, was appointed by Town Supervisor Paula Mahan. They were instructed to go over the 2005 Comprehensive Plan and assess what has been completed and what work is continuing, according to the assessment.

The committee then makes recommendations as what should take immediate action, ongoing action, short term action or midterm action, to the town board. The public meetings are meant for residents to comment on these assessments.

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