Comp. Plan Review meeting loses focus, again

Rosch tried to explain this, and added that the committee did not touch the issue of rezoning. Planning and Economic Development Director Joe LaCivita said that it is the town's next step to look at the land use law.

"We're working on it for 2011," he said.

This didn't quell the other residents from the western end to continue to voice their concerns over the rezoning that took place in 2007.

"My question is, did the original Comprehensive Plan, that was adopted in 2005, did it address rezoning?" asked Jan Metzger. "Because if it did, then it would seem to me that in the ongoing Comprehensive plan that you're making these goals and vision statements and commenting on, it should at least address that there are a lot of people that are unhappy that the western end was rezoned."

Rosch responded and said that in the plan it said zoning should be looked at and updated, and that rezoning did occur. He suggested, though, that the western end maybe have experienced "more drastic changes."

"I don't know what the thinking was when that happened," he said, adding that he wasn't a part of the rezoning. "I think it is going to be addressed at the Planning Board level."

One resident was able to provide her opinion on what was actually contained in the assessments put out by the committee. She asked that if there were to be an architectural review board, which she said was a very good idea, it should include more input of the neighborhood residents.

"Because it would prevent something happen that shouldn't because of some of the zoning," said Mary Alice Morgan.

LaCivita said that the planning department works with the neighborhood associations before a new project is built in the area, and said it was something they should continue to do. He added, however, that it's hard to have one uniform standard for the entire town.

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