The 'parentology' of parenting

Gretzinger got the idea to combine two things she's a natural at"television broadcasts and raising her three kids"on a family trip to Florida. After that, she kept things to herself until she had everything figured out, so people wouldn't think she was crazy, she said. To that end, she only just assembled a studio team about a month ago.

"I used to work two jobs and did so much, it was non stop in Florida with my family, we decided not to bring any cell phones or computers, just be disconnected from the world, and something hit me then where I said I want to do something to help other people," said Gretzinger, who worked at many of the local news stations and is married to WRGB's Jerry Gretzinger. "Talking to other parents, it seems like something parents don't talk about [struggling] but I want parents to know it's ok to tell someone you're having a hard time, because so many other parents are out there in the same situation you are."

Even though she put her career on hold to raise a family, she's busy as ever, only this time everything revolves around putting family first.

"I have a schedule where my daughter Isabella is always with me, she's my buddy. I bring her when I talk to businesses about sponsoring my show people joke around with her, call her my bodyguard," said Gretzinger. "When my other kids (Nicole, 5, and Jerry, 7) get home from school at 3:30 p.m., I stop everything I'm doing and dedicate my time to them. My husband comes home and we have dinner with the kids, go through their days and ask how they went. After that, we play with them"we're kind of dorky"we play hide and seek, duck duck goose, traditional games. Then he goes back to work, the kids go to bed and I'll work on 'Parentology' some more."

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