Multi-type subdivision planned for North Bethlehem

Bossolini, though, said he feels the plans are well within the spirit of the zoning code, and thinks review boards will see the separate National Grid corridor should be considered part of the project's open space.

"I think there's a lot of positives to a conservation design," he said.

Among those pluses is it spaces out the distance between new homes and already existing ones, which the developer hopes would soften any issues that people living there now might have.

Another way to make the project more palatable would be to build a path leading to the town's North Bethlehem Park across Russell Road. Morelli was adamant about the need for such a path.

"It would be very desirable to have a pedestrian or multipurpose path...over to the park," he said. "The easier you make it to get to the park, the more utilized I think it becomes."

Fiske will make some design changes suggested by the DPC " an informal, preliminary review entity " and return to the town.""

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