Boght Hills Class creates holiday song

The Sean and Richie Morning Show involves a lot of musical parodies created by the two hosts, so Phillips decided to expand the segment into creating song parodies with children. He said he is impressed by the creativity of the students, especially Compton's third grade class, who he said had already written half the song before he arrived.

"It's amazing what they do come up with."

Compton said he students and she started working on the song on Monday and began discussing which one would be appropriate for the holidays.

Settling on "Jingle Bells," they came up with the last two lines of the song before Compton told her class to go home and think about what else they'd like to add to the song. One of her students when the extra mile.

"One of the students came back with an entire stanza written," she said. "So that's where we started. We didn't use her stanza word for word, but he [Phillips] started with that, took bits and pieces, and taught them how to rhyme and taught them certain words rhyme better than other words and they put it together based on the structure she created. That was pretty neat."

Phillips arrived at the school around 10:30 and the students were finished with the song well before 11:30 a.m. This surprised Phillips, but Compton knew her students were capable and said she was more proud than anything.

"I'm proud that they were so clear when they sang," she said. "Here we are talking about communication skills, how well you can annunciate your words and how clearly you can speak."

Even after he finished with the song, Phillips stuck around. He answered questions and handed out Hannaford hacky-sacks to all of the students and signed them, something Compton really appreciated.

Some of the children were really excited that they could participate and smiled at the fact they will be heard on the radio, which will, as they said, make them "famous."

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