Nisky BOE OKs full-day K

"I think some people are worried that the transition aid won't be there and that is something that we will look at," said Sosnow. "If it is not available to us, then obviously we would have to relook at the issue."

If the aid doesn't come through, she said, other programs might be cut to allow for a full-day kindergarten.

"We believe that full day kindergarten is a value to our kids, so we would have to weight that value against other things that would be cut against other programs," said Sosnow.

Even with full-day instruction, Sosnow said parents will have the option of placing there children in the district's program or finding an alternate solution that suits the family desires best. She noted the compulsory age for children to enter the education system is six years old.

"This does not take way from the parents to their right to decide what is best for the child," said Sosnow.

King said the biggest challenge with the transition would be teachers developing a whole new curriculum to best utilize the full-day instruction.

"Our kindergarten teachers will develop programming that grows over the year, so that it would start in a manner that is appropriate for those newly incoming kids and adapt with the children as they grow into the school year," said Sosnow. "We wouldn't want parents to think child comes in on day one and they are inundated with academic content."

Sosnow also said the move to full-day has nothing to do with the district providing a form of day care service for families whom cannot or have difficulty providing it.

"We are not doing to this to relieve parents for the costs of day care," said Sosnow. "We are doing this for the benefits to the program we can offer our kindergarten children. Obviously this is going to benefit some parents, but we would not be doing it if we didn't believe it would be beneficial to our children."

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