BHBL grad goes Hollywood

Will Ferrell lends his voice to the character Megamind, which Simons said is ironically special.

"We had originally written the character Megamind with Will Ferrell in mind because we were big fans of his we pictured him the entire time," said Simons. "So in we'd be in voiceover sessions giving each other that sort of 'holy crap' look that he was actually the one."

The rest of the cast being an all star line up thrilled them even more.

"We're huge comedy geeks, so it was like having the dream team of funny people in your movie," said Simons.

The movie is about a villain who accidently defeats his hero and then doesn't know what to do with his life, so he creates a new hero that becomes an even worse villain than he ever was.

"It hit us that we had a story about redemption that idea that it's never too late to do the right thing," said Simons. "It's an old story that's been done many times but we'd never seen it with comic book villain before, so we thought we happened upon something fresh."

Aside from living out what was once a childish wish, Simons said the "Megamind" whirlwind has taught him a valuable lesson.

"In this business, you realize it's really about timing and it is very much right place at the right time. I feel like you have to be optimistic about it and believe that things happen for a reason, when they happen," said Simons. "So while it didn't sell initially, it obviously wasn't the right time and I think it's also a rare case. You hear horror stories of writing something and something else shows up on screen, but we couldn't be happier with the final product."

Simons credits two people from his past with encouraging him to pursue a passion that in high school, was untapped.

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