Nisky tames DEC through negotiations

DEC officials confirmed there have been negotiations, but they have not received signed notice as of Tuesday, Dec. 14. The consent is due back to the DEC by Jan. 18, and will include a five-year plan on how the town is going to address the inflow and infiltration problem in sewer District 6.

"We can not comment on it until it has been signed by all the parties," said Rick Georgeson, spokesman for DEC Region 4 office. "We don't comment on ongoing enforcement issues until they have been resolved."

Briggs said one way to solve the problem is to come down on homeowners discharging drain water into the sanitary sewer system by enforcing violations with fines. Although, he said the inspection process would be lengthy and expensive since every home would need to be visited.

"This has been an ongoing problem the town made a decision that we would not address the problem by going after homeowners and the residents in the town," said Briggs. "The problem is that some residents may not know that in fact that is happening. I know I went down and looked at my sump pump, and there is a pipe that goes out through the wall, and I don't know where that goes to be honest with you. I trust that my contractor put it into the storm system."

Councilmember Denise Murphy McGraw said residents have the right to know that this is one of the problems and possible avenues that could be taken to amend the situation in the future.

The town has decided to address the problem by fixing and replacing pipes, and a few years ago the town purchased a grout truck to take care of this problem, which makes a new pipe inside the old pipe.

"We have done quite a bit of work and with this we are going to have certain areas in town that we know need improvements over other areas," said Supervisor Joe Landry.

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