Magic moments provided by Jim Snack

Jim Snack called a woman up on stage. Look in the bag, he told her.

She did. There was nothing there.

Snack said a few words, made a few gestures. Look again, he told her.

She did. There was an egg in the bag.

This woman just freaked out, Snack said. "The look on her face was, oh my gosh. The audience went crazy."

For Snack, that moment at a recent performance in Washington, D.C., reminded him of just why he made magic his career.

Snack, of West Sand Lake, will bring his act to the Clifton Park-Halfmoon Library on Tuesday, Dec. 28, at 2 p.m. Families with children 4 and older are invited to the free show.

Snack was just a kid himself when he was turned on to magic. When he was 8, a magician made his head disappear. Crouched inside a box while the audience roared, Snack fell in love with magic.

He went to the local library and read all its books on magic. He saved his allowance and sent away for tricks in the mail.

When it came time for college, Snack would have loved to study magic, but he settled for majoring in theater at the University at Albany. For years after he graduated, though, he made his living as a magician, doing what he calls "classic tricks" like pulling coins out of the air.

"They're tricks that have stood the test of time," he said. "You put your own spin it."

Whereas Snack was initially attracted to magic because it fascinated him, the lure now is just the opposite. He loves seeing his tricks fascinate other people.

"I love watching people react to it," he said.

That's especially true of younger audiences. "Children haven't lost their sense of wonder," he said.

So he's excited for the Clifton Park-Halfmoon Library show. It was originally scheduled for the summer, but Snack had to reschedule after landing another performance elsewhere.

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