SPCA chief answers web flap

Tully said he was not aware the information was on the webpage.

"I was not personally aware that was on the webpage," said Tully. "I have business partners that have business interests that could be different than my charitable interests."

He said the information was removed when he learned about its contents about a month ago.

"That was developed by an outside contractor many years ago and wasn't an issue," said Tully. "Nobody ever even reported it until about a month ago when it was brought to my attention via anonymous phone call. We immediately took that paragraph off the Tully Rinckey website."

Skinner added the web developer responsible for the page is no longer affiliated with Tully Rinckey.

Debate on spotlightnews.com website began when a reader encouraged others to do a search for a cached version of the removed page.

The first comment on the story from user named "Dochumes" said, "The SPCA Chief Matthew B. Tully actually encouraged ANIMAL ABUSERS to buy his legal services on his law firm website until Nov. 26, 2010 when it was brought to light by animal activists. The cached version of the page is still available on Google."

Tully said it is unfair for people to attack him and his law firm. He noted he has donated a large amount of time and money to the SPCA and hasn't profited from his role in the organization.

"There should be no correlation to the SPCA and Tully Rinckey," said Tully. "There are people in the animal rights community that are not happy, and they want to instill a personal agenda in the SPCA that is not lawful."

Google's cached link for the website, a snapshot of the page as it appeared on Nov. 3, has been removed from Google's search results, but The Spotlight was able to obtain a pdf version of the page before it was removed.""

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