McGarry to run for R'dam supervisor

"I am getting up off the couch and I am going to one up that and run for office a second time," he said. "I thought the [budget] process was flawed, because it didn't seem there was a real lot of time to reflect on the altered budget It seems to me like the five of them weren't working together at the budget."

While McGarry said it is a little early in the process to think about working with the current board or how could get elected, he believes he would be able to work with fellow board members. He does hope to form a strong independent line to get elected to the board.

"I would like to get a slate of candidates that are like minded and put together a slate of candidates that would in the best of worlds would appear on an [independent line] and would love to have other endorsements," he said. "I was Conservative for 15 years and switched to the Republican Party last year."

McGarry didn't say anything negative about Del Gallo or any of the current board members in particular, but rather he wants to give voters the choice and present his ideas to see if they feel the same.

"I have very cordial relations with Frank Del Gallo and I think he is an honest and decent man," said McGarry. "This was not something that he brought to the table when he first came in and I think it has been real challenging for him and I can see why.""

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