Redlich announces he will run for governor's office

"It sounds extreme, but when you're talking about taxing soda, nothings extreme," he said.

Redlich plans to run on the libertarian line, and also to challenge former congressman Rick Lazio for the republican nomination.

He sad he believes he will appeal to supporters that are part of the tea-party movement. A movement that, according to Redlich, was born out of government's decision to bail-out banks, and allow banks receiving bail-out money to grant bonuses.

"I don't see how Rick Lazio appeals to that constituency," he said. Over the course the month of January Redlich had repeatedly referred to Lazio as a "bailed-out banker, with a bonus."

"We don't need someone who participated in bailouts and bonuses," he said.

Redlich said it is unlikely that he will seek any endorsements in addition to the republican and libertarian lines.

"The Working Families party does not fight for families, it fights for unions," he said.

He also said he believes he will make a better candidate than current Attorney General Andrew Cuomo, often cited as a potential democratic challenger to Governor David A. Paterson.

Redlich said that Cuomo, in his capacity as Secretary of the Department of Housing and Urban Development under Clinton, pushed for proliferation of sub-prime mortgages, a factor that contributed to the current recession.

"Do you want someone who helped crash the economy, or someone who said no don't do that," he said.

"We need somebody outside the Albany bubblehe's [Cuomo] been inside the bubble his whole life," said Redlich.

Fellow republican Town Board member Mark Grimm was on hand to see Redlich's announcement however, he did not explicitly voice his support for Redlich. "It's way too early for an endorsement, but the more voices the better," said Grimm.

Grimm said he is reserving his endorsement until he sees which other candidates enter the race.


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