Super and board clash

"I have not gotten 1 inch of that sort of reasonableness from this board," Messina said.

Kotary later balked at the notion the appointments were political.

"For the last five years I've been on the board, I have and the Democratic majority have appointed members of all parties," he said. "To continually categorize appointments or individuals who one does not agree with as constantly being political is getting a little old."

Rice said he is a registered Democrat, though he was a longtime Republican, and does not belong to any political committees. Messina characterized Rice as "a friend of theirs [Town Board members]."

After a period of discussion at the meeting, Messina presented the names of two candidates he thought were better suited for placement on the Planning Board in Kevin Crawford, former general counsel to the state Association of Towns, and Leah Farrell, a recent Bethlehem transplant and former city planner from South Carolina.

Dawson and Kotary said they never saw Crawford's resume. Messina said he had provided it to all board members.

Board liaisons appointed 4-to-1

In a second contentious moment, the Town Board voted 4-to-1 to appoint Town Board members as official liaisons to town departments.

The item was not part of the prepared agenda. Kotary put the motion forward during the "new business" section at the end of the meeting, a move Messina characterized as "jamming" the item through.

"I'm disturbed that for a long time, through two or three administrations that I've seen, that something this significant was added to an agenda without being an agenda item," Messina said.

Jordan said the proposal has been discussed among the Town Board for weeks now, and had to be brought up in new business because Messina sought to block it from the floor.

"He refused to put on the agenda items that several members of the board said they wanted on the agenda," Jordan said.

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