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Despite its prime location, Latham Circle Mall is featured on Deadmalls.com, a Web site that details shopping centers that have seen better days.

Tom Nolte, president of the Colonie Chamber of Commerce, said the dead mall status of Latham Circle Mall is a shame considering its location.

"It was very disappointing," he said, adding that in the mall's current state, "I can understand right now why it's been on there."

Nolte said the mall has been a member of the Chamber since its inception. The Latham Corners Shopping Center was one of the first businesses in the Latham-Colonie Division of the Albany Chamber of Commerce, now known as the Colonie Chamber.

"This mall is a big part of our Chamber," said Nolte. "We know it's a great, great location."

Nolte said in October 2008, the Chamber held a mixer at the Malt River Brewing Company in the mall, but has not done much there since them. Malt River closed in January 2009.

Nolte said he hopes the once vibrant shopping center can be restored, but despite initial meetings with the new owners around the time the mall was bought in 2009, Nolte said he knows little about their plans.

"We have not had a lot of contact," Nolte said.

Nolte said the Colonie Center mall in the southern part of town has seen a lot of upgrades in recent years, and he is hopeful the Latham Circle Mall could do the same for Latham.

"We'd love to have something equal to that, but in north Colonie," Nolte said.

Nolte said Clifton Park Center and Mohawk Commons have also both recently "reinvented" themselves.

The Chamber is willing to "lend a hand to revitalize" the mall, Nolte said, because it would be great for the town to watch it flourish.

Nolte said the Fresh Market moving into the shopping plaza at routes 155 and 9, right down the road from the mall, might help get customers in the area and could revitalize the mall through a "domino effect."

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