Office space in cyberspace

His wife, Susan, helps with bookkeeping and accounting, as well as marketing, and has a background in computer science.

Cortesi has worked with a number of companies for more than two years and said he is looking to broaden his clientele and the industries that he services. He targets small companies and workgroups in larger companies that are collaborating on a project, and he said programs and software to help shrink the globe are going to crop up more and more.

The system sends alerts out each time a document is altered. Cortesi said a page that serves a similar purpose to a Facebook news feed is available for everyone on the project.

"It's Facebook for business. All I needed was a Web browser," Cortesi said. "Anybody on the project can see the project."

The vulnerability to fire and theft is another major reason Cortesi developed eSolve, and he said that backing up data is often overlooked by small businesses. Customers, contacts and payroll are all stored electronically in most small businesses, and he likened losing that data to having a fire in a traditional office building with hard copies of everything being lost.

Richard Gibney, former president of the New York State Council of Landscape Architects used the software to help keep its members informed about changes in legislation and continuing education programs.

"It's worked out well," he said. "They're very professional."

Gibney said the society is moving toward a more self-sufficient system, but eSolve has been useful in helping maintain and update its Web site.

He said as companies look to expand and service people over larger geographic areas, programs and systems that do not base themselves in central physical locations will become more normal.

"You're going to see a lot of people doing that," he said.

Cortesi said other countries are using this technology because more businesses are starting their operations in the "technology generation."

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