Local artist paints the unseen

Marjorie Wight Olsen paints what we can't see. She feels the energy of the world and puts on a canvas what surrounds and connects us all. Intangible vibrations are the common theme of the roughly 250 acrylic on canvas paintings that the world is just beginning to see, for the first time in almost 40 years.

We're not as disconnected as sometimes our visual eyes are trained to see. When I'm immersed in the process of painting, I feel that energy and appreciate the process of being in the painting itself, said Olsen.

Olsen has studied art around the country and the world and dabbled in art therapy and public relations, but one thing that's always remained constant has been her desire to paint and the freedom it gives her. In the decades she's been putting brush to canvas, she's never once wanted to or attempted to showcase her work. For her, she said, it was purely personal.

"The value wasn't in the painting but in the process of exploration, the process of really getting closer to myself, to my core, to nature, to the world we live in. When I paint, I'm nowhere else but in the moment," said Olsen. "I really believe that paintings have the power to transform the artist, and hopefully the viewer too, but it's about what inspires my life; yoga, spirituality, mentality."

Her paintings are thick on the walls of her living room, bathroom, kitchen and in her children's closets. They are marked by bright colors and bold brush strokes, some with identifiable features but others abstract in a way that allows viewers to form their own interpretations. Nature and spirituality inspire her, she said, so there may be the faint outline of angels or a quietly blooming flower.

When Olsen took her paintings down to put on display in the Clifton Park-Halfmoon Public Library this winter " her debut exhibition " she said her kids joked about how bare and strange the house looked.

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