BC's snow day cache runs dry

Students who normally watch the weather report with rapt attention in hopes of having a day off of school may want to rethink their prayers.

The Bethlehem Central School District used up its second and final budgeted snow day on Wednesday, Feb. 24, when it joined districts across the area in canceling classes after a snowstorm dumped roughly a foot of heavy, wet snow on the area.

Superintendent Michael Tebbano made the call to cancel school at about 4 a.m., he said. After getting a late start to the school year because of a later Labor Day, the district decided to schedule just two snow days into the calendar.

We gambled, and unfortunately the gamble worked against us, Tebbano said.

The district also cancelled school on Dec. 9.

If another snow day is called, the district will have to make up the day another time to meet the mandated requirement of 180 instructional days for the school year. Tebbano said the most likely time would be Friday, April 9, requiring students to come back from the April vacation one day early, but the Board of Education would ultimately make that ruling, if required.

April 8 and 9 are built into the calendar as make-up days for any additional snow days.

Tebbano said the empty snow day bank would not influence the decision to close or delay school.

"We're not going to compromise safety just to keep the spring break alive for people," he said.


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