Give it up for the Singing Anchors

Some of the region's most famous faces will jump under a spotlight of a different kind on Friday, Jan. 8, to support the Saratoga Children's Theatre. A cabaret group made up of WNYT's Benita Zahn and Jessica Layton and WRGB's Jerry Gretzinger will perform Broadway favorites at a benefit concert at the National Museum of Dance in Saratoga Springs.

We love performing together and this is a great cause, said Zahn. "We did a show like this back in November and it was a sellout. We had a blast and decided we should really take this on the road."

That road led to the Saratoga Children's Theatre where Zahn is on the board and admittedly a "terrible board member" because she rarely makes it to meetings.

"I pitched [the group] as a cabaret act to Meg Kelly, the director, and asked if she needed a fundraiser. Her eyes just lit up and in about a week or so everything was planned," said Zahn.

The singing anchors actually have great voices, said Zahn, and like to perform standard tunes that the audience can recognize and enjoy. They also try to personalize the act by poking fun at each other since they represent dueling broadcast stations.

"We just have fun with it; poke fun, tell little stories about our lives and the music we pick all has some type of personal meaning," Zahn said. "It really gives the audience a glimpse of who we are off camera, which is what we want and so important."

So, how did Zahn go from discussing breaking news with Layton to coordinating duets from the musical Wicked? She said getting to know her colleagues as more than news reporters is important to her and a personal conversation with Layton kind of helped everything fall into place.

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