Mahan: Paterson sounds good, needs results

Paterson called a four-year plan, headed by his second in command Richard Ravitch, is "the most reasonable way that we can actually bring state spending into line and government into the right size. It is also the only way to eliminate unnecessary, unfair and unexpected mandates on local governments, hospitals, school districts, and mass transit."

Mahan agreed with Paterson, and said patience and fiscal discipline are vital to an economic recovery.

"After viewing the whole State of the State address, I definitely agree with the fact that the spending has been out of control," Mahan said. "We all know the effect that has had on our government. We need some sort of a spending cap."

Mahan was onboard with Paterson's plan to reform ethics in Albany, but again noted that results are what counts.

"The Reform Albany Act will have as its centerpiece an independent ethics commission that will have jurisdiction over state government. This commission will have the power to enforce campaign finance and end pay-to-play and bring jurisdiction and oversight to so-called good government groups, who hide their donors behind walls of sanctimony," Paterson said in his address.

Mahan said ultimately the key to ethics reform is to put people in place who are looking out for the public interest, and not merely for the sake of furthering their own power.

"You have to have people with good integrity and good intentions. These are people who serve the public," Mahan said.

Although Mahan said she concurred with much Paterson said, the public will expect an end to the "same old" politics. The goals of Paterson's plan must be closely monitored and if progress is not made soon, the public should expect a new game plan, Mahan said.


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