Holistic Moms unite

Her daughter's holistic upbringing began from day one. Shemroske did a natural home birth, breast fed, uses cloth diapers and eats mostly organic and local food. She does her own gardening, composts and practices what she calls attachment parenting; letting her child sleep in her bed is part of that.

Making families and parents aware of the various methods for natural living is a cornerstone of Holistic Moms Network, said Executive Director Nancy Massotto. She said the grassroots organization doesn't concentrate on one set of choices or a certain healing method, but instead seeks to help people understand that choices influence and impact the health and wellbeing of both people and the planet.

"When you cross that threshold into parenthood you really think about the impacts of your choices and realize things you should or shouldn't be doing; whether that's not using certain medications or eating a certain way, you're really affecting others beyond yourself and start thinking about the state of the planet or society living on it," said Massotto. "Although holistic living is popular, it's still not mainstream. If you start to follow that instinct, you may get resistance or flack from people who don't think it's important and without support, some tend to give up. When they find a group like this and meet other people who share a similar perspective they're much more able to pursue the interests they have and find a path that works for them."

Shemroske said she hopes her chapter will be able to provide families in Saratoga with that type of support. The grand opening was Tuesday, Jan. 19 and prior to that, at least one person had joined. Five official members have to join by the end of the year for the chapter to remain in existence. Shemroske said she doesn't think this will be problem.

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