Questions resurface in Malta rezoning

"He made mention that everyone said they didn't want this development, but when I ran against him, they all told me they did. So I don't know what houses he went to," Daley-Nolen said.

Miller said No More Sprawlta requested the surveys numerous times but were never granted access.

Miller said he and other residents are concerned with the impact Sausville's zoning proposals would have should they be approved. He said that in addition to stopping development for at least the next year, a lot of money would be lost by people investing in Malta.

"You've lost money and pushed development into neighboring communities, and the town of Malta is left with the impacts of AMD being in town but not being able to fully realize the economic benefits of it," said Miller. "New York state has invested $1.25 billion in the Town of Malta " in the middle of the worst economic downturn in years, why would any town turn back on an investment in the community?"

He said there will be a loss of jobs in construction, service, all jobs that would have been created. There will be higher taxes and costs associated with the studying needed for rezoning downtown.

Developer Bruce Schnitz said rezoning jeopardizes the trust between a town and its residents.

"Based upon current legislation, a lot of developers like myself spent millions of dollars getting approvals based upon the standards and designs and zoning laws the town has in place. If someone were to arbitrarily change those at this late date, for us that's financial catastrophe," said Schnitz, also a member of No More Sprawlta.

Councilwoman Tara Thomas said she thinks it's a good idea to analyze the proposed changes and supports reducing the downtown boundaries. She said a report done by River Street Planning a few years ago recommended several of the changes that Sausville proposed in his e-mail.

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