Guilderland to deal with trashy properties

Goodman also said they are in the process of removing the thousands of tires on the property. "We have been removing tires non-stop," said Goodman

Ciembroniewicz also said that the Department of Environmental Conservation has inspected the property and has not found runoff coming from the property.

In the end, Supervisor Ken Runion made the motion to have the town solicit bids from contractors to bring the property into conformity.

Runion also suggested a motion to revoke Ciembroniewicz's special use permit for the property, as it is zoned agricultural. However, Stone informed the board that he discovered earlier in the day that Ciembroniewicz does not have a special use permit.

The prospect of shutting down the operation completely was a concern for Town Board member Warren Redlich. He said his concern is if the town removes the junk from the property, and shuts down the operation, Ciembroniewicz would have no means to reimburse the town for the costs of the clean-up, and would simply abandon the property.

"That's always a real possibility, but is that a reason to let him continue to pollute the town's water supply?" asked Runion.

Redlich asked if there were a way Ciembroniewicz can get economic value out of the cleaned up property.

Stone said the property has no agricultural value due to the pollution sustained by the operation of the junkyard.

Runion said he believes there could be a middle-ground if Ciembroniewicz removes the rubbish, metal, junk cars, and other debris, and houses the crusher in a building, the area would technically not be considered a junkyard.

"I think he could fall under the classification of a recycling facility," said Runion, adding that he thinks the board would be very receptive to the idea if Ciembroniewicz cleans up his act.

For now, the Town will focus on removing the junk from the property. Runion said Ciembroniewicz has between 60 and 90 days before bids from contractors are presented to the board.

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