Malta talks possible rezoning

Councilman John Hartzell expressed frustration at wanting to fully understand what would happen to traffic patterns as a result of downtown development. He said he doesn't want to see lots of traffic lights or anything else that could cause significantly slower moving traffic.

"Nothing is more tangible to people than getting stuck in a traffic jam. This is the main pipeline out to Luther Forest but if we create a lot of stop-and-go traffic, at what point have you created an unacceptable condition?" said Hartzell.

Planners said there are various ways to gradually slow traffic and it is willing to work with the town to come up with a solution it's content with.

Mary Evans grew up in Malta and is raising her family in the same home she grew up in. She said she just wants to be sure the board thinks long term when approving plans.

"I want to be sure when things are being planned the people who have lived here and nurtured the town and built up the community are kept in mind. I'm not averse to change but I want to make sure it's carefully crafted change and something we can live with for a very longtime," said Evans.

Many residents signed up to speak left before the public comment period, which came at the end of the two hour meeting. Those who did offer opinions were split; some supported Sausville's desire to take another look at the development plan and others said it was time to move forward and accept that Malta is changing and needs to prepare for what GlobalFoundries will bring to the region.


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