A Life of Music

"Violin is primarily something you do for yourself. You can play in orchestras and chamber music and string quartets to interact, but with acting you're putting on a show with a bunch of different types of people. It's more of a teamwork thing rather than an individual effort," said Holgate. "You learn how to work with people and every little thing you do benefits the group as a whole; that's really nice."

Holgate said it took her awhile to realize music was what she "absolutely loved" but is now all set to attend Purchase College Conservatory of Music in the fall, studying violin performance.

"When it becomes such a steady part of your life like that, sometimes you forget just how important it is; it becomes a way of life rather than something that you really love to do and I realized this year that making music with my violin, or even with singing, is one of the most fulfilling things," said Holgate.

She said she plans to take advantage of everything college offers and immerse herself in as much musical variety as possible.

"I would love to do a whole mixed bag of things; play in an orchestra, string quartet, teach music, have the chance to sing with a really good group of musicians sometime. Being able to combine all my talents would be really nice," said Holgate.

A mixed bag is exactly what she presented at a concert on Tuesday, June 29. Holgate organized a concert to celebrate the culmination of her musical life, thus far, and toast the future.

"It [was] a combination of violin and voice; my year all put into one concert. I thought it would be a really nice way to wrap up all the hard work I've put into both things over my high school career, and even before that; wrap it up before I go off to college," said Holgate, who was involved with Empire State Youth Orchestra and part of a number of different chamber music groups and choruses through the years.

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