Niskayuna takes top tap in county water contest

There is one downside to Schenectady's tap water though " "It has a lot of calcium in it, so it is a pain to clean," said Fitzgerald.

Brian Premerlani also likes his water to have a mineral taste and preferred samples that reminded him of a certain experience.

"I like the hose taste " I like the mineral taste," said Premerlani. "I'm curious to know what makes the difference."

What makes the difference in each person's choice might be hard to tell, whether it is an acquainted taste of minerals or a more filtered and pure quality, but there are also some other factors.

Jason Pelton, Schenectady County ground water management planner, said he really likes ice-cold water and sometimes the samples reach different temperatures. Though, the water samples are kept in coolers and are attempted to keep the same temperature.

All the water comes from The Great Flats Aquifer, but at different points for each municipality. The aquifer is approximately 25 square miles and the five municipal boundaries all lay above the aquifer.

Rigorous testing is done on all water coming out of the aquifer, said Pelton, which could lead to possibly better quality than bottled water.

Susan Savage, chair of Schenectady County legislature, also tried the water samples and came to her own conclusions.

Savage said she thought water preference "probably goes back to what you are used to drinking."

A few samples stood out to Savage, but she said they all tasted good. She preferred water not having any chlorine or mineral taste.

"I didn't rely on what I usually taste " I just picked the water that was the best tasting," said Savage. "I think [the county] can look forward to another state championship."

The friendly rivalry might be solved countywide this year, but soon enough the small paper drinking cups will be brought out again and the winner isn't always as clear as the water.""

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