Friends pedaling for a cause pass halfway point

they'll put their kickstands down for good, in Boston, sometime in early August.

"We kind of took the West slow because we knew it would be more beautiful. From here on out it will be mostly farms, so we'll just get going and start moving more," said Utz-Meagher. "We're loving it but there have definitely

been some tough parts."

One of the roughest patches was climbing a summit of 11,300-feet.

"That was pretty tough. Usually you only get up a couple hundred feet," said Utz-Meagher.

The group has squatted at James' relatives' homes a few times, where they take advantage of a hot meal, the opportunity to shower and a chance to do laundry. Otherwise, they've been seriously roughing it.

"Some days we'll just pull off to the side of the road, find a dirt path and camp out there. The maps we have tell us where campsites are, so sometimes we stay there for the night. Through Kansas it says you can camp out in city

parks, so that should be interesting," said Utz-Meagher.

It was at one of these campsites that the group had what Trowbridge calls "one of the most exhilarating times" they've had so far. While the moment, which involved silencing a dog and a serial sneezer, was scary at the

time, she said it's funny to look back on now.

"We were staying at a campground in Lake Tahoe and getting ready for bed when we heard some car alarms going off and people running around screaming. We weren't too sure what was going on but figured they'd just seen some wild

animal, so we went to our tents and fell asleep pretty quickly," said Trowbridge. "All of a sudden, we start hearing footsteps getting closer and something sniffing around our tent, so clear and vivid and close. We looked

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