Saratoga Shakespeare returns to Congress Park

For those that are Saratoga Shakespeare enthusiasts, a familiar face might stick out onstage this year. Brian Nemiroff, a New York City native, will make his debut on the Congress Park stage for the third time, as Laertes, the man who kills Hamlet in the final scene.

While Nemiroff has spent a lot of time on an indoor stage, in independent films and making several appearances on ABCs "One Life to Live," he said there's something about the outdoor theater experience that excites him.

"There's a kind of spontaneity about it. I like the idea that someone could literally just be walking through the park or riding a bike and see this majestic play going on. It will literally stop them in their tracks and they'll be forced to all of a sudden pay attention because something that's catching their eye," said Nemiroff. "Indoor theater caters more to what people think of as a true theater experience, but there's a factor you get outdoors that you don't get inside, and that's the ability to appeal to many more people."

Nemiroff said the live element of theater is what sets it apart from movies, which he also likes starring in.

"Every night it's something different and I can guarantee you I'll be a little different every night. I can't do it the same exact way twice and I don't want to," said Nemiroff.

He's the performance equivalent of a "jack of all trades," also playing the bass and writing music. He said dappling in every performance outlet caters to his lifestyle and lets him choose more than one thing to be and live in the moment.

"I'm lucky to basically be living my dream. I'd love maybe a little bigger stage for what I'm doing and a little more money for it wouldn't hurt either," said Nemiroff. "I just want to keep raising the stakes. Whatever the highest level of theater is, I want it. If it's Broadway, I'm down. If being in this huge movie is the next level for film, then great, the biggest stage is all I want for myself."

Returning to Saratoga Shakespeare is special for him because it was one of his first professional theater gigs.

"It brings it full circle and this performance in particular I realize how much I've grown," said Nemiroff.

"Hamlet" will be performed on the Alfred Z. Solomon Stage in Congress Park, Tuesday through Saturday, July 13 to 17 and July 20 to 24, at 6 p.m., and Sunday, July 18 and 25, at 3 p.m. Shows are always free.


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