UPDATE--Man attempts robbery at Saratoga National Bank

The man who's attempt to rob Saratoga National Bank on Tuesday was foiled by police, was previously charged with a felony count of reckless endangerment in the first degree, according to additional information released by Saratoga County District Attorney James Murphy.

Justin Dingman was charged stemming from his involvement in an accidental shooting in March of 2001 in the Town of Greenfield, according to information from Murphy's office. While visiting a friend, Dingman was showing off what he thought was an unloaded pistol, according to witness statements taken at the time. When his friend left the room, Dingman fired the gun several times believing it to be unloaded, and on the fifth trigger pull, a bullet was discharged. The bullet traveled into the next room and punctured his friend in the lower back. The bullet did not cause serious injury as it had first traveled through a wooden pantry door, and the friend was apparently able to remove the bullet himself, according to information from Murphy. Neither party reported the shooting but the next day, the victim decided to go to the hospital after feeling ill, where the gun wound was discovered. The hospital immediately reported the incident to the police.

At that time, Dingman plead guilty to a misdemeanor count of reckless endangerment in the second degree and was sentenced to 60 days in Saratoga County Jail.

The suspect's prior record indicates that he has made some poor decisions in the past. He was extremely lucky that his friend did not go to the police to file a complaint. He is even luckier that he did not accidentally kill his friend. People need to handle guns with care and with knowledge that without proper safety precautions, deadly consequences can result. Although this was accidental, it was the result of a series of irresponsible behaviors, said Murphy in a statement.

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