Old Country flavor in Colonie

Korostil opened his first store in Cohoes in 2007, but after damages from a fire and a flood in their basement, he decided to take his store elsewhere. The damage was not the only reason for the move, though, as he noticed it was hard for his customers to actually get to the store.

"It was too complicated to go to Cohoes," Korostil said. "People had to carve out an hour and a half to get there. It looks like people can get here [the Colonie location] from any direction."

After four weeks of the store's Colonie residency, Korostil said he has seen all of his old customers come in, as well as some new faces that have wandered in out of curiosity.

Alex Yurovsky, a Clifton Park resident who moved from Russia in 2004, comes down to the store once every two or three weeks to get food he says is better than American food.

"I get the bread, sometimes sausages and sometimes the fish," he said. "Eastern European taste is very different from American taste. Americans have lost all the recipes [of European tradition]. They just dusted it away, like McDonalds."

Korostil said his store offers 75-80 different types of meat including mortadella, krestyanskaya and knockwurst.

"Many people like to try something different," he said. "You just have to be brave enough to step in and try it."

A few people from the Ivory Coast made their way into the store for the first time, so he began offering them suggestions and giving them samples of the different vegetables and meats his store had to offer.

"Very first impression for people who come in is it's different," he said of his store. "It's different than Chinese food and it's different than Middle Eastern food. It has a unique, specific twist to it. For some people, they have to try it once or twice. They have to be a little more open."

Korostil said he hopes to expand his store by adding more features such as a kitchenette or even different types of foods.

"Maybe I'll add some dumplings or perogies," he said. "We need time to settle in here, first."


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