Nisky ice cream truck ban suspended

Residents also brought up the point that Mr. Ding-A-Ling, an ice cream truck company, already entered the town at Rosendale Estates, selling ice cream and playing a version of "Home on the Range" recently. The driver answered by saying he thought he was in Colonie.

"What really concerned me is Thursday night a neighbor sent me a picture of Mr. Ding-A-Ling, this is his truck, we verified that this is his truck, and it was Van Antwerp Road between Plum and Union Street and this is not a street to stop on," said McKinney. "Right off the bat, the common sense of the driver is in question. It was out at 8:15, which is past our 7:30 curfew. It had no safety features turned on at all. This is my worst nightmare, we haven't even started the trial and we've had a breach."

McGraw saw the problem of "rouge ice cream trucks" too, but thought a different solution would be better for the town.

"Ice cream men are already coming into this town," said McGraw. "There are people who aren't registering with the town. I don't think they have the proper safety features. Why I think I really want to support this effort is I want to make sure they're registered with the town, that we're able to get our arms around the people who come into this town."

Kasper said the children who expressed comments was wonderful, but she couldn't support the resolution because of the safety issues involved.

"Tonight, I'm sorry, but I'm going to have to vote no," said Kasper addressing the children. "It has to do with that I do not think it's safe. Children are more distracted than they ever were."

Other board members thought the safety issues could be addressed during the trial period.

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