Medium uses gift to spread comfort

Georgia O'Connor sees dead people, talks to them and knows what happens after you draw your last breath.

You think you're closing your eyes for the last time and then you wake up the next day, said O'Connor. "Body and spirit are totally separate the spirit goes through a tunnel to the light, as clichE as it sounds, it really happens. You get there and all the family, friends and animals you've ever known are right there waiting for you, celebrating your birth into this new world."

O'Connor said she knows what happens on "the other side" because spirit guides told her so. She's been listening to these guides, and seeing the dead, for as long as she can remember.

"My first memories are from around age 3. I just thought it was normal and that everyone saw them. I would go to my mom and tell her I met this woman and this was her name, and she'd say 'oh yeah, I saw her, she's nice' so it was common to talk about ghosts in the house; pretty normal fare inside my family," said O'Connor.

But it was when she started introducing other people to her dead friends that she realized things might not be as normal as she'd thought.

"People got really scared of me. All my girlfriends would always call their mom to come get them when they were staying over at my house, nobody spent the night and that's when I started to hide it," said O'Connor.

Now, O'Connor understands her gift and wants to use it for good, so when she's not busy doing personal readings from a cozy room in her home in Amsterdam, she gives talks around the region. On Saturday, July 31, she will host an event called Meet The Medium at the Courtyard by Marriott in Saratoga Springs at 7 p.m. At these presentations, she typically explains what she does, shares some stories, answers audience questions and does mini readings for as many audience members as time allows.

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