Medium uses gift to spread comfort

Everywhere she goes, she sees dead people, but they've never scared her.

"The dead people don't scare me, it's the living people and their reactions that scare me," said O'Connor.

She said she must keep strict boundaries up at all times because otherwise a simple trip to the grocery store would be "insane." When she does a reading for somebody, though, she lets those boundaries down to give spirits permission to talk to her. They do that in different ways"some show her symbols, others give her images and others talk to her.

O'Connor has read for more than10,000 people, connecting them with parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, siblings, children, friends and more. While those readings are always interesting, she said, it's the experiences she encounters randomly that are sometimes most shocking.

"I went to this cave in Kentucky and wasn't expecting anything because it's just a cave, but there were all these little people that were 3,000 years old, just standing there and guarding it because this was a very sacred place for them," said O'Connor. "I once went to Saratoga Battlefield just to see what would happen; what a mistake. I'm not a big history buff so I had no idea it would be that gory. I had to pull over three times to vomit."

Besides seeing people that have passed, O'Connor said she used to have dreams that would come true. While she always wanted to change what would happen or stop it, she said she never could.

"I dreamed a lot of deaths when I was younger which was really hard because I put the responsibility on myself that I knew this information," said O'Connor. "I never knew exactly what time frame it would happen, but I would just open the newspaper and there was the car accident, or I would hear about it at school or work."

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