Trial of ex-River Rat kicks off in Albany

Molloy also called into question the idea the woman was truly intoxicated, saying they had not been drinking heavily, and said her lapse of memory might be her way to cover guilt.

"Embarrassment, shame, remorse? I suspect all three were very much at work," he said.

The jury"half men, half women"heard testimony from Dr. Timothy Barcomb of Albany Medical Center, who conducted an examination of the victim when she came to the hospital, and also from Hughes's former roommate and teammate, Harrison Reed.

Reed, a resident of Ontario who now plays for the Lake Erie Monsters, had just begun living with Hughes before the alleged incident, and testified he had seen the woman slumped against a car tire in the parking lot of the apartment complex on the night of the incident when he returned from an away game. Hughes was on the injury list at the time and did not travel.

Reed went on to say the woman knocked on the door to the apartment later that night asking for Hughes, and also asking where the hotel desk was.

"I thought she was drunk when I had seen her," he said. "She was disoriented and just didn't seem normal."

Reed also testified Hughes had contacted him through Facebook the week before the trial and "said something to the effect he didn't want me to come," though Reed said he could not recall the exact wording.

He also said he was reluctant to get involved in the trial.

"I work in the states to play hockey, and I was uneasy about not doing it [testifying] then crossing the border and having trouble," he said.

Molloy suggested Bethlehem police detectives and the district attorney had used this to force Reed to appear, an assertion he denied.

Sarfoh asked Reed if he had anything against Hughes.

"No, I don't have anything against Bobby," he said.

The trial will continue tomorrow morning.""

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