HUGHES TRIAL UPDATE -Alleged victim gives tearful testimony

A Bethlehem woman who says she was forcefully sodomized by former River Rat Robert Bobby Hughes provided testimony today in an Albany County court, tearfully telling jurors her recollection of the October 2008 night in question.

Prosecutors allege Hughes sexually assaulted her at his apartment while she was unable to give consent after meeting her at My Place sports bar in Delmar. She told jurors her night out with two friends did not involve heavy drinking and she was taking prescribed antidepressant medication as directed, if not at lower doses.

The woman said she does not remember leaving the bar with Hughes, but came to in the parking lot of his apartment complex, crying and with her sweater and jacket removed. She met his roommate Harrison Reed at the door to the apartment, but he testified yesterday he could not find her a cab and advised her to go to a nearby Stewart's station.

There, she called Bethlehem police, who took her home after giving her a breathalyzer.

She said she discovered her pantyhose in her pocket on the ride home and repeatedly told police something was wrong.

"I remember being angry and I was getting frustrated because they wouldn't listen to me," she said. "I remember saying to the woman officer, 'as a woman, you should be helping me.'"

The next morning, she said, she woke up in pain.

"I went to get up, and my whole body felt like it had been run over by a car," she said.

She went to Albany Medical Center later that day.

An important element of the prosecution's case will be proving to the jury the woman was in a state that she could not have provided consent for the sex act. Defense attorney Robert Molloy said in his opening statements he plans to call a toxicologist to testify the prescription drugs in her system would not have resulted in a blackout state when combined with the amount of alcohol she drank.

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