HUGHES TRIAL UPDATE -Alleged victim gives tearful testimony

On Molloy's cross examination, the alleged victim confirmed she had filed complaints against two Bethlehem police officers in May of 2009.

He also brought up a series of phone calls she made to a man in Alaska totaling 89 minutes that phone records show were made after she returned home. She said she did not recall making the calls.

The woman also said she did not flirt with Hughes at the bar, and would not recognize him today if his face wasn't in the paper and on television.

The defense is arguing the two hit it off at the bar then had a one night stand, after which the woman left the apartment.

"Was he a creep about it, a jerk about it? Yeah, I'll give you that, but it's not a crime," Molloy said in his opening statement.

Hughes is charged with committing a criminal sex act in the first and third degrees.


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