HUGHES TRIAL UPDATE-Bethlehem cop accepted ticket offer

"I didn't feel there was that much in the video," he said. "I didn't think it was that pertinent to the investigation."

Both witnesses said they had observed the video looking for intoxicated behavior on the part of Hughes or the alleged victim, or the woman's drink being tampered with.

Receipts from the bar show Hughes, then 20, purchased six pints of Bud Light and food during his time there.

Radliff also outlined Hughes' initial interview with police several days after the alleged October 18 incident, when he denied having any sexual contact with the woman. His defense attorney is now arguing the contact occurred, but it was a consensual one-night stand.

According to Radliff, Hughes said he had offered the woman a ride home after meeting her at the sports bar, but once in his truck she couldn't remember where she lived. He went to his apartment on Elm Avenue to avoid driving aimlessly"in part because he had been drinking and didn't want to be pulled over"where the woman fell out of the car. Hughes said he went inside and when he came out five minutes later, she was gone.

In a written statement to police, Hughes said, "So I brought her to the parking lot outside my apartment and let her go."

He also described her at the bar:

"In my opinion, the woman seemed to be very intoxicated and possibly on drugs."

Hughes voluntarily gave detectives a DNA sample at that time. Forensic scientists testified today that Hughes' DNA was discovered on a rape kit swab made on the victim's body the evening after the alleged incident.

Defense attorney Robert Molloy also asked Radliff if he had been at My Place on October 18, a question he has posed to other witnesses who were there. Radliff said he was not.

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